Blue Vision A/S is a Danish Nasdaq listed property company.


The company was founded in September 2002 under the name Gudme Raaschou Vision A/S as an investment company exclusively investing in securities.


In November 2009 the company changed its name to Blue Vision A/S with a new strategic focus on investment- and development properties.


In April 2014 Blue Vision A/S phased out its remaining property possessions in Denmark, as a consequence of the negative result.

Full focus was directed towards revitalising the company in order re-establish a positive development to the benefit of the shareholders.

In accordance herewith Blue Vision A/S end December 2014 purchased shares in Portinho S.A. and with it a hotel – and property project in Madeira, Portugal.


Blue Vision A/S sold the project on Madeira end 2018 and there remains receivables occurring from this sale, fully due by end 2020.